The Bishop of Taunton at Bishop Henderson School, Taunton ; 40th anniversary

40th Birthday Celebrations at Bishop Henderson Primary School Taunton

Bishop Henderson School is celebrating 40 years!

The school was the result of the vision of  Preb Roland Clarke and the Parish of Wilton for a church school in the area.

It was opened in 1974 by Bishop Jock Henderson with just 120 pupils.  It currently has over 420 pupils.

A service attended by the whole school and previous teachers, staff, governors and representatives from the diocese was held to mark the occasion.

(The Photograph shown was taken by a photographer from the Somerset County Gazette)

Harvest 2014

The church was attractive for our Harvest Services.  Here is an example and there are more pictures in the Gallery.


The donated food was shared between Open Door and Taunton Foodbank and the collection money was for the charity “Send a Cow”.


Open Door   Harvest Needs 2014

Kitchen Supplies

Baked beans          Meat pies                 Spam

Cook-in sauces              Ketchup and brown sauce

Salad Cream and mayo      Coffee & Sugar

Long life juice                Squash, all flavours

Tinned fruit                 Tinned and instant custard

Tinned rice       Weetabix   & Cornflakes

Other cereals    Biscuits and chocolate

Jams, marmalade           Marmite

Flour      Cooking oil

Salt and pepper                     Vinegar

Gravy granules       Herbs and spices

Dried fruit                     Cocoa powder

Cling film & Sandwich Bags

Greaseproof paper        Kitchen foil

 Cleaning Supplies

Laundry powder             Anti-bacterial spray

Black bin bags       Disinfectant

Toilet cleaner& Bleach


Shampoo   Shower gel        Deodorant

Razors (disposable)        Shaving gel

Toothpaste& Tooth brushes

We can also use money-off vouchers from supermarkets and cash donations help greatly with day-to-day perishable supplies.

Thank you so much for your consideration and generous support of our needs.




The Trussell Trust Foodbanks provides a minimum of three days non-perishable emergency food to local people in crisis. All food given out is donated by the local community.

We work in partnership with frontline care professionals to identify people in need.

Shopping List

Milk (UHT or powdered)       Sugar (500g)       Fruit juice (carton)

Soup     Pasta sauces      Sponge pudding (tinned)

Tomatoes (tinned)      Cereals      Rice pudding (tinned)

Tea Bags/instant coffee      Instant mash potato

Rice/pasta     Tinned meat/fish

Tinned fruit     Jam     Biscuits or snack bars







Yesterday, today & forever

For over a thousand years there has been a Christian church on the site of St George’s, Wilton. Many changes have taken place over the years since the original tiny Saxon chapel was built here, but the main structure and layout of the church building and the churchyard have not altered greatly since Victorian times.

St George’s has been loved and cared for by many generations.Today it continues to be a special place where anyone may come to worship God, to meet with other people and to feel comforted and at peace; and in turn care for it and keep it alive and flourishing for future generations.

St George’s Churchyard

Churchyards are primarily tranquil places to bury the dead and to grieve, but they are also important for many other reasons: they tell us of our past, protect plants and animals for the future and provide peaceful spaces in which anyone can walk or sit and think.

Currently the general care of St George’s Churchyard is undertaken partly by volunteers from the church congregation and the wider community and partly by contractors, paid for from church fund-raising or from donations.



As the churchyard is in a Conservation Area, specialist care of trees and monuments must be undertaken by professionals and can be very costly.

How you could help…

If you would like to help care for St George’s Churchyard, there are several ways you could contribute :

  • Practical help with gardening/maintenance tasks, either on the last Saturday morning of each month from April-October when volunteers gather OR by ‘adopting’ a neglected grave and generally keeping it tidy.
  • A single cash donation to be used for a specific task or item in the churchyard.
  • A regular annual or monthly cash donation to be used for  general maintenance fees.

Any contribution, however small, would be very welcome. Please do let us know.

Contacts & information

If you would like to help in some way or to know more about caring for the churchyard, please MAKE CONTACT BY POST, PHONE OR EMAIL. It will be passed on to a member of the Churchyard Group, who can then contact you to confirm details.

St George’s Wilton (Churchyard)          

Church Office, Wilton Vicarage       

 Fons George                            


 TA1 3JT

 Tel:     01823 284253

Email: stgeorgesoffice@googlemail.com




Mops and buckets, dusters, ladders, marigolds all make their way to church.

When St George’s Church, Wilton, in Taunton decided that it was time for a good clean of their church hall, they found it was difficult to find a time when the hall wasn’t booked. So the PCC decided the only solution was to have a “Church Hall Cleaning Sunday”.

A short service was held in the hall focusing on “Welcome” – God’s welcome to us and our commission to be God’s agents as we in turn welcome the users of our hall.  Prayers were said, and candles lit for all those who use the hall (around 500 a week!) and a commitment was made to build on these contacts.

Then the mops and buckets, dusters and ladders were put to full use. There was a real buzz of friendship and fellowship.

Working for your glory Lord……….

(Words from Jenny Jeffery and photo by Laurie Jeffery)




Stookes, monumental stone masons, cleaned and renovated the War Memorial in the churchyard at the west end of the church.  It’s looking very much better.



3 Women priests

Meeting  together on Saturday 3rd May 2014 before the procession from Westminster Abbey to a service of celebration at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the 20th Anniversary of the ordination of women priests.

From left to right: Rev Nicola Aylett, Rev. Jenny Jeffery {present Associate Vicar), Rev. Margaret Venables


(Family Fun Afternoons–  Photos are in the Gallery)


image002BEETLE DRIVEimage003

Friday 28th February 2014- MUCH ENJOYED!



 Zambian Link –  Photos are in the Gallery








0800Traditional Communion

1000Communion with a mixture of traditional & contemporary worship

09501st Sunday of the month
Young People's meeting in Hall or Church - for those aged 4 - 14 year.

1600 Evening Worship in church or residential homes – see weekly Newsboard


1000Holy Communion at church

14303rd Tuesday
Holy Communion at Mountbatten Nursing Home


14302nd Wednesday
Holy Communion at Churchill Way Hall

15004th Wednesday
Holy Communion at Elizabeth House.


11002nd Thursday
Holy Communion at St George's Residential Home