If you would like to enquire about being married at St George’s Church then please fill out the form below or contact the Church office on 01823 284253.

To get married at St George’s Church you need to be able to demonstrate a connection to the church. The laws governing who is eligible to get married in a particular church were changed in Oct 2008 so that there are more ways you can prove a qualifying connection.

You are eligible to marry at St George’s Church if:

  • 1. You live in the parish of St George’s Wilton. You can find out if you are in the parish by using the Parish Checker found here
  • 2. You have attended St George’s regularly for over 6 months and can therefore apply to be on the electoral roll
  • 3. You were baptised or confirmed in the parish
  • 4. Your parents or grand-parents were married at the Church
  • 5. You (or any of your parents during your lifetime) have lived within the parish for a period of more than 6 months
  • 6. You or your parents have regularly worshipped within the parish (at least once a month for 6 months)

A wedding at St George'sInside the churchSigning the registerAfter the ceremony

Enquiry Form

If you meet the criteria above please fill out this form.  We will contact you shortly to discuss your enquiry.  If you do not qualify under any of the above criteria, there may be other options which would enable you to marry at St George’s Church. Please contact the church office (01823 284253), who will be able to advise you on possible ways.

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Marriage Preparation Notes –

FOCCUS      http://www.foccusinc.com/

(Photos of wedding floral arrangements can be seen in the Gallery.)


0800Traditional Communion

1000Communion with a mixture of traditional & contemporary worship

09501st Sunday of the month
Young People's meeting in Hall or Church - for those aged 4 - 14 year.

1600 Evening Worship in church or residential homes – see weekly Newsboard


1000Holy Communion at church

14303rd Tuesday
Holy Communion at Mountbatten Nursing Home


14302nd Wednesday
Holy Communion at Churchill Way Hall

15004th Wednesday
Holy Communion at Elizabeth House.


11002nd Thursday
Holy Communion at St George's Residential Home