Family Fun Afternoon – Caring for Creation

“Caring for Creation!” was the theme for the Family Fun Afternoon attended by a hundred people at St George’s Church, Wilton on Sunday afternoon.

After a short service full of actions songs, drama, visual resources and prayers that reflected the theme, everyone congregated outside to help make a “Bug Hotel” made from recyclable materials to provide shelter for mini-beasts.

This was followed by a variety of crafts for families to enjoy together. Woven baskets made from garden mesh and plastic carrier bags, models from cardboard boxes, and glass jars and plastic lemonade bottles that were beautifully decorated, and butterflies made out of sweet wrappers, were just some of the activities on offer.

The congregation at Wilton had been turning up at church on Sundays with their recyclables, helping to collect bottles, jar, bags and boxes for the event.

The afternoon ended with a delicious tea provided by the church members.

It was a great occasion and echoed that it was indeed “families having fun together at Church!”

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